I love Sydney

Sydney Do’s and Don’ts

8th April 2011

Dubious pearls of wisdom for anyone considering spending some time in Sydney...

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Ko Lipe view
1st April 2010

A tent, a beach, a chap called Man, and a man who is most definitely Benito Del Toro's secret Thai brother...

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11th March 2010

I’m slighty ashamed to admit that although we saw no temples or museums in Bangkok, we did pay a visit to the city’s notorious red...

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5th February 2010

Pathetic attempts at packing a punch in Chiang Mai - why Muay Thai is best left top the experts...

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Lao Lao locals 1
7th January 2010

Why a bottle of home brew that tastes like paint stripper is the key to inter-continental relations. When in Laos, drink Lao Lao!

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