I love Sydney
8th April 2011

Dubious pearls of wisdom for anyone considering spending some time in Sydney...

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Mount Fuji
14th January 2011

Leave your dignity at the door - it's time to strip off, scrub up and soak away your worries with the classic Japanese onsen experience...

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Work Out Playground Bondi beach
11th December 2010

Apparantly over 60% of the Australian population are either overweight or obese. If you live in Sydney, however, this statistic is very hard to believe....

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Shopping Trolley Sydney 9
2nd November 2010

Overall, Sydney is a jolly pleasant place to live. And I’m not just talking about the beaches and the weather – things just seem to...

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Bondi Beach
22nd August 2010

First impressions are everything, that’s what they say, right? First impressions are certainly important, but everything? Most certainly not. We don’t all fall in love...

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Pushkar cow
23rd June 2010

A curious dusty town in the desert full of contradictions - holy cows eating plastic bags, a sacred lake with no water, and a priest who's more Dell Boy than Dalai Lama... welcome to the madness of Pushkar.

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Camel safari morning
9th May 2010

A camel safari? What a great idea! When reduced to trudging through the desert under a baking sun, we started to wonder what we had let ourselves in for...

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Koh Samui fish n chips
14th April 2010

Koh Samui - island of broken dreams. Time to sit and ponder a paradise lost? Or time to down a bottle of vodka, get sunburnt in the shape of your vest, throw a few chairs around and eat chips for breakfast? Oi Oi!

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