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Sven Vath

Gude Laune!

12th November 2007

DJs these days, they just don’t know the meaning of rock n’ roll. There seems to be a worrying trend of teetotal artists arriving to play their set, laptop under arm, bottle of Evian by the decks and long term girlfriend docilely standing by. All well and good – and to be fair, no one wants to book a DJ who’s too trashed to mix. However, The Fly By Night can’t help but feel a whiff of nostalgia for the days when being a DJ was as much about living the rock n’ roll dream as it was about rocking the dance floor. The trend in clubs seems to have mirrored the trend in rock music, where we used to have Keith Richards and Alice Cooper, we now have James Blunt and David Gray.

Luckily for the clubbing world, there are a few pillars of the dance music community still living the dream. Step forward Sven Vath, the last of the rock n’ roll DJs. Whether it’s ripping off his t-shirt and wrapping it round his head, showing off his guns in the DJ booth, crowd surfing or plugging his headphones into the mic and ad-libbing, he does it all whilst playing a storming set of blistering techno without dropping a beat.

And it looks like The Fly By Night isn’t the only one to hold The Vath in high esteem, someone has set up a shrine to the man himself, using samples from his legendary vocal output. Voila – your very own Sven jukebox.

The word legend doesn’t even come close. Gude laune!

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Pic by Vickie Parker

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